How do I identify my filter housing?
     - The model number of your unit should be located near the top of the filter housing. Older units (more than 10+ years old) will not have a number/letter unit ID (ex. U25, OB1, BF7, etc.). They will say something like 'OmniBasic', 'Omni Total', 'OmniHouse', 'OmniRegular', etc. If you do not see any identification on your unit, the owners manual will contain the model number. If you do not have your owners manual, the easiest way to get your unit identified is to take a picture of the unit and send in the picture to [email protected]. We will identify the unit for you!

Why do I need a different cartridge for city/well water?
     - In very rare instances, there is a healthy bacteria that is found in some well water systems that will actually eat and disintegrate the natural cellulose paper that is found in some of our cartridges. The filter cartridges that are safe for well water use are made out of a synthetic material that the bacteria will not eat. 

What is your return policy?
     - We will accept returns on any item, as long as the item is unused, and is still in its original packaging. We can only accept returns within ninety (90) days of purchase. Unless the item was received damaged, you will be responsible for return shipping costs. If the item was defective when you received it, you will need to contact the manufacturer to start a defect claim.
Do I really need to replace the O-rings in my system?
     - Yes!!! The manufacturer recommends that you replace the O-ring in your system with every other filter change. This is because over time, the O-ring will start to deform and deteriorate, and will start to cause a leakage issue, especially if you do not use a water based lubricant (olive, vegetable, or coconut oil works just as well!) every time you take the canister off of the unit. 

Why does the CB filter that I just purchased not fit into my older under sink unit?
     - The manufacturer of OmniFilter, Pentair, changed the size of the CB1 and CB3 filter cartridges. The new CB cartridges (CB1B and CB3B) will not fit into OmniFilter systems that are more than 3-5 years old. You will need the alternate sized CB cartridge for your older system, the CB1A or CB3A. Please contact us with any questions about this filter size change!

What do I do if my housing cracks or breaks while under warranty?
     - Please contact the manufacturer to start a warrany/damage claim. You can find their contact information on our warranty / damage claim page.

Where are we located?
     - We are located in beautiful Northwestern Montana, in a town called Rexford. We are about six miles from the Canadian border!

Do we ship outside the United States?
     - Yes! We ship our products worldwide! Please keep in mind that international shipping charges do not include duties or fees, and that the customer is responsible for any outside charges for shipping the parcel. 

Why was my credit/debit card charged under the name of Dovetail Distribution?
     - Dovetail Distribution is the name of our parent company. We here at Dovetail Distribution run several different online retail companies, including H2OWarehouse.com. If you have any questions about any charges on your card, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Please to not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!