Omni RV1 Filter

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Part Number:WFOM-RV1

The OMNIFilter Outdoor Hydrant water filter is the best choice for providing quality filtered water for your active life outdoors. Reduce chlorine taste & odor, other taste and odors, sediment, dirt and rust particles outside you home. For use in motors homes, boats, campers or just watering your garden, just attach to any garden hose and enjoy.


  • Outdoor water filter great for recreational vehicles, camping, gardening or filtering water outdoors
  • Easily connects to any garden hose water source
  • Reduces sediment, rust particles and Chlorine taste and odor
  • Includes 12" garden hose
  • Good for well and city water

This is a self contained unit with no replacement cartridge.
Change every 2,000 gallons.
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