Omni RS6 20 " Cartridge

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The RS6 20" is a pleated polyester cartridge for OMNI's heavy duty, high-flow Whole House water filter, Model BF55. Of the replacement cartridges available for Model BF55, the RS6 is our most affordable. 

Well-water is the most natural source of drinking water. In such a case it must be ensured that the well-water is pure and clean. OMNIFilter 20" Heavy Duty Sediment Cartridge is an efficient means of water filtration system that comprises of a Heavy duty Pleated Sediment Cartridge. The OMNIFilter 20" Heavy Duty Sediment Cartridge is designed with Heavy duty Radial flow that is powerful enough to reduce sediment, rust particles and other particles found in the water.

Change filter cartridge every 18 months or 100,000 gallons.


  • 20" Heavy-duty filter cartridge
  • Fits OMNIFilter BF55 housings
  • Extra large capacity
  • High flow with minimal pressure drop
  • Pleated sediment filter
  • For use on all water - well and chlorinated
  • Reduces sediment, dirt and rust particles