Omni F1 Faucet Mount Water Filter with (1) FRC1 Cartridge

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Part Number:WFOM-F1

Model F1 is OMNI's basic faucet mount water filter that provides you with great tasting water right from the tap. It's the ideal water filter for people, such as renters, who cannot make changes to their undersink plumbing.

Included with Model F1 are faucet adapters, installation hardware, and a FRC1 filter cartridge.

Change filter every 3 months.
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Model FRC1
Filter type Activated Carbon
Reduces: Rust & Sediment
  Odor & Chlorine
Benefits Reduces chlorine and odors to provide great tasting water. Installs in seconds.
Average Cartridge Life 1 3 mos or 200 gal
Flow Rate2 0.5 gpm
Micron Rating 3 30

1 Usage and the quality of water in your incoming line determine when your cartridge should be changed.
2 Gallons per minute.
3 The smaller the micron, the finer the filtration.