Omni CBF3 Undersink Water Filter

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Model CBF3 is an under sink, single housing unit that uses the leading carbon block technology to remove lead, Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including Atrazine (an herbicide) and Lindane (a pesticide), from your drinking water. The carbon block filter cartridge is also great at removing chlorine tastes and bad odors from your water, so you get great tasting water right from the dedicated faucet!

Included with Model CBF3 Filter System:  
Installation hardware, a long-reach dedicated faucet, pressure release valve, wrench, mounting bracket, saddle valve, CB3B filter cartridge, K4 O-ring and OW30 Wrench.

Change CB3 filter every 4 months.
Change tank O-ring with every other filter cartridge change.

Additional cartridges and parts sold separately.
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Model CB3
Filter type Carbon Block
Reduces: Rust & Sediment (Class I)
Removes: Odor & Chlorine (98%)
Removes: Lead (97%)
Removes: Cryptosporidium & Giardia Cysts (99.99%)
Removes: VOCs (97-99%) - Including Atrazine & Lindane
Benefits Removes lead, Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts, and 34 VOCs at 97% or better. Also removes chlorine and odors to give you great tasting water.
Average Cartridge Life 1 4 mos or 600 gal
Flow Rate2 0.75 gpm
Micron Rating 3 0.5

1 Usage and the quality of water in your incoming line determine when your cartridge should be changed.
2 Gallons per minute.
3 The smaller the micron, the finer the filtration.