CB6 Filter Cartridge - Shipping Damage

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Retail Price:$74.33
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Part Number:WFOM-CB6-DEF
**This cartridge was slightly damaged during shipping. One cap of the filter is slightly cracked. Please see photos. This will not affect the functionality or filtering capabilities pf the cartridge in any way.

The CB6 is a carbon block cartridge for OMNI's heavy duty Whole House water filter, Model BF7. In addition to filtering rust and sediment, it removes odors, chlorine, and bacteria such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. With a CB6 filter cartridge in your Model BF7 water filter, not only is the water from every faucet (including hot water faucets) in your house safer to drink, it also tastes better!
Change cartridge filter every 3 months.
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