OmniFilter Replacement Canisters / Top Caps

OmniFilter Replacement Canisters / Top Caps

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OB5 Series B Canister
OB5 Series B Top Cap
SFM2 Series C Canister
SFM2 Series C Top Cap
OT32 Series E Canister
OT32 Series E Top Cap
U25 Series E Canister
U25 Series E Top Cap
U30 Canister
BF7 Series A Canister
BF7 Series A Top Cap
BF35 Canister
BF35 Top Cap
WH5 Canister
WH5 Top Cap
OmniFilter Replacement Canisters / Top Caps

Replacement parts are only for the newest OmniFilter systems, and are not interchangeable with older series or versions of OmniFilter units!
Replacement parts are NON-RETURNABLE!

These are replacement part only, not a complete unit. Includes the replacement tank only for the models and series listed.  

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Additional cartridges and parts sold separately.
Change O-Ring with every second filter cartridge change.
Need Help?  Please call customer service Toll-Free (855) 855-1976.