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British Berkefeld Big Berkey - Assembly Instructions
Produces safe drinking water from lakes, cisterns, streams, etc...

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ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS                              SEE DIAGRAM

1. Wash hands before handling the product to ensure that contamination does not take place during assembly. 

2. Remove the filter and elements from their protective packaging, checking each item against the diagram. There will be one element for each hole in the base of the top section. 

3. Fit the knob (1) onto the lid (2) by inserting the screw (3) through the hole in the lid and screwing the knob, hand tight only. 

4. Place the sealing washer (10) over the threaded part of the element (5).

5. Place the element(s) (5) into the hole(s) in the base of the top section (4).

6. Secure the element(s) in place by screwing the wing nut (11) onto the nipple part of the element. 

7. Place washer (8) onto the threaded part of the spigot (7).

8. Insert the thread through the hole in the side of the filter's bottom section (6). Place the second washer (8) over the thread and secure the spigot in place with the nut (9).

9. Put the top section (4) onto the bottom section (6) and place the lid in position.


1. Ensure the spigot (7) is in the "off" position.

2. Fill the top section (4) with water.
NOTE: It is recommended that the first supply of filters water be discarded, as it may contain loose material washed from the filter elements.


When the unit has been assembled as described above, weekly inspection and/or cleaning of the filter element(s) is the only servicing necessary. 

To clean the element(s):

1. Remove the element(s) from the top section (4) by unscrewing the wing nut(11).

2. Hold the element(s) under running water or in a bowl of water and clean with a stiff brush or ScotchBrite pad. Always brush away from the nipple end. 
NOTE: Never use soap or detergents to clean the filter element(s).

3. Reassemble as detailed in instructions.

NOTE: The element(s) should be replaced annually.
NOTE: This gravity filter is designed to remove harmful bacteria from water, not dissolved chemicals.




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