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Bottled Water - Are You Paying Too Much? 

According to a new independent study by the WWF, Bottled Water: Understanding a social phenomenon, commissioned by WWF, bottled water may be no safer, or healthier than tap water in many countries while selling for up to 1000 times the price. Yet, it is the fastest growing drinks industry in the world and is estimated to be worth US$22 billion annually.

The study reveals that the bottled water market is partly fuelled by concerns over the safety of municipal water and by the marketing of many brands which portray them as being drawn from pristine sources and as being healthier than tap water. However, some bottled waters only differ from tap water in the fact that they are distributed in bottles rather than through pipes. In fact there are more standards regulating tap water in Europe and the US than those applied to the bottled water industry.

"Our attitudes towards tap water are being shaped by the pollution which is choking the rivers and streams which should be veins of life," argues Richard Holland, Director of WWF's Living Waters Campaign. "We must clean up and properly protect these waters at source, and not just at the treatment works, so that we can all rest easy in drinking from the tap."

But until we have safe drinking water from our faucets,
what is the best solution?

The study acknowledges that while bottled water has the advantage of being generally safer in areas where tap water may be contaminated, boiling or filtering local water renders it safe at a much lower cost for people on a low income. However, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in terms of nutritional value, bottled water is no better than tap water. It may contain small amounts of minerals but so does tap water from many public municipal water supplies.

Some consumers prefer bottled water to tap water for taste reasons. WWF argues that water companies have an important responsibility to ensure that they consistently produce water that is not only safe but also pleasant to drink.

The study also finds that every year 1.5 million tons of plastic are used to bottle water. Toxic chemicals can be released into the environment during the manufacture and disposal of the bottles. Furthermore, a quarter of the 89 billion litres of water bottled worldwide annually are consumed outside their country of origin. Emissions of the green house gas carbon dioxide, caused by transporting bottled water within and between countries, contribute to the global problem of climate change.

"Bottled water isn't a long term sustainable solution to securing access to healthy water," said Richard Holland. "Clean water is a basic right. Protecting our rivers, streams and wetlands will help ensure that tap water remains a service which delivers good quality drinking water for everyone at a fair price."

But until we have safe drinking water from our faucets,
what is the best solution?


The World Wildlife Fund of Nature is the world's largest and most effective independant organization dedicated to the conservation of nature.

Even the best municipal treatment plants cannot correct all problems.  Giardia and Cryptosporidium cannot be killed by chlorine added at municipal plants, and lead can leach into already-treated water from old pipes and faucets.

So what can you do to turn your drinking water into safe, healthy, a great tasting refreshment?

OMNIFilter® home water filters has the solutions for cleaner, safer, great tasting water on tap at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

We recommend that you install one of our high-flow home water filters where the line comes into the house; then we recommend you install one of our OMNI high-contaminant-removal filters in your kitchen (or bathroom) where you use it for cooking and drinking.

| Whole House | Undersink | Faucet Mount | Refrigerator | Water Cooler |

At OMNIFilter® Corporation, we deliver high quality home water filters at an affordable price. OMNIFilter® units are sold with the Do-It-Yourself-er in mind. Everything you need to install your filter is in the box.


At OMNIFilter, we make filtration products for your entire house:

“Point of Entry” Whole House
“Point of Use” Undersink Filter
“Point of Use” Faucet Mount/Countertop
“Point of Use” Refrigerator/Icemaker
“Point of Use” Cooler Filter

We also sell replacement cartridges for all of the omni purifiers. If you are unsure which filter is right for you, see below .

“Point of Entry” (POE) Whole House Water Filters

First, we recommend that you install a high-flow Whole House filter where the line comes into your house. This Whole House filter will reduce rust and sediment picked up from the pipes that deliver to your residence from your well or municipal system. This first cleaning will protect your appliances (hot water heater, clothes washer, dishwasher, humidifier, toilets, showers, etc.) from the wear caused by rust and sediment. An OMNI Whole House filter will also remove much of the chlorine that can cause itchy skin and damage your clothing.

Select from our list of Whole House Water Filters

“Point of Use” (POU)

Then we recommend you install an OMNI high-contaminant-removal filter in your kitchen (or bathroom) where it is used for cooking and drinking. Called “Point of Use” purifiers, these units remove contaminants and provide clean, safe, great tasting refreshment on demand. Select from our:

| Undersink
|Faucet Mount / Counter Top
| Refrigerator / Icemaker
| Coolers

Replacement Cartridges

To find a replacement cartridge for any OMNI filter, click here

Whole House replacement cartridges
Undersink replacement cartridges
Faucet Mount/Countertop replacement cartridges
Refrigerator/Icemaker replacement cartridges
Cooler replacement cartridge


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